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"Une performance artistique de haute qualité, typique d'une production Ramée". Fono Forum, Michael Kube, 06/22

This is a particularly attractive edition, filled with music that has long since been forgotten, which imaginatively brings us back in terms of atmosphere to the flourishing theater life in the England of Elizabeth I and James I. The sung texts are printed in the booklet. Opusklassiek.nl, Aart van der Wal, 12. 2021

In addition to a tasteful technical playing refinement, the musicians around recorder player Marion Fermé bring an enormous joy of playing to this music, a joy that is being transmitted and has given us a real pleasure while listening to this production. (Ramée RAM2002) – ♪♪♪♪ Pizzicato.lu, Remy Franck, 21.11.2021

But by alternating the flute instruments and cleverly chosen percussion elements, the small combo actually seems larger and more diverse than it actually is. This is thus sometimes charming, sometimes funny, sometimes rousing, sometimes quietly contemplative, but throughout enjoyable and entertaining.”

Musikansich.de Sven Kerkhoff, 14.11.2021 (Ramée RAM2002)